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Good morning

I am still fairly new to Visilogic so would like some advice about a new project I am planning.

I currently use a V570 as a pressure controller, as the process runs, certain parameters are recorded to an MI and results are displayed at the end of the cycle (start pressure, end pressure and the pressure drop is calculated and displayed).

What I would like to do is to record these parameters along with a user inputted serial number into the memory of the V570 (using data tables?).

I would then like to transmit this data wirelessly after each test or 5 tests to a PC.

Is this possible with the V570?

Thank you in advance and Merry Christmas

Russ Edwards

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It sure is. Obviously you will need to find a wireless transmitter that is compatible with something you can get on the V570 (RS232.RS485,Ethernet, etc).

Only word of caution is about speed. The analog inputs on the snap in modules in general have better performance. Make sure the conversion times and filtering are acceptable for your application. If you have a slow process there are no worries. If all of this happens in less than a second you will have to do your homework.

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