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WMOD2 GSM modem with V120

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I am trying to get a V120 to send an SMS message using a Wavecom WMOD2 modem but the port is never properly initialised. The error code is 2 (reply error). I have verified that the modem itself is working by sending SMS messages using Hyperterminal.

One thing that might be an issue is that there is no built-in configuration for this modem, so I had to make my own which may not be correct. Does anyone have experience using this modem? If so, which commands did you use to initialise it?

Should the PLC-side modem configuration just be the same as the port initialisation?

Thanks in advance.

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Is this quite an old modem? I googled it and found a datasheet. It looks like the predecessor to the Wavecom Fastrack family.

Have you tried any of the Wavecom profiles that Unitronics do support? I would start with the Fastrack M1206/1306 profile.

Another handy tool is the COM sniffer, see link below:


This will show you where the communication sequence fails.

If you keep hitting brick walls I would go looking for one of the modems that is on the supported list.

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