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Remote Access download problem

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We have a customer in the field that has been unable to download a .dvi file into a V280 using Remote Access on a Windows XP laptop. He has stable communication to the control to the point that he is able to poll information and can go online with the V280. During the download it skips a large portion of the send project topics and then repeatedly attempts to download flash and memory and never completes the download. He has let the download run for up to an hour before he shuts Remote Access down using the task manager. This has happened on numerous V280 panels and the customer is beginning to get frustrated that we can not provide a program update that does not require a lot of pain and suffering. Has anyone else experienced this type of issue and if so what was the solution. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I would focus attention on the comms hardware. USB to serial adaptors can be problematic. I have found there are 3 "levels" of communication and USBs sometimes only get 1 or 2 out of 3:

Level 1: Get OPLC data, online test. Small data exchanges, not very demanding

Level 2: Project download. More prolonged data exchange.

Level 3: OS Update. Sustained download, very constant binary data stream at high baud rate

My suggestion is to change something, the PC, the COM port/adaptor, etc.

At worst you may need to send him a USB to serial convertor that you know is rock solid.

I have also seen some problems with on-board serial ports, and I suspect they have been subject to the same power-saving tricks as USB serial adaptors.

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He is able to load the OS without issue. He only is getting hung up during the program download. We provided him with the USB adapter that we use so that should not be an issue. We are going to try to diagnose his laptop as this is the only thing that we have not provided. I will let you know if we find anything.

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