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I created the URC file. But, the Remote Operator need a UR2 file?. VisiLogic create only URC file.

If I open this URC file, I get the following error message : "The ur2 file you've tried to open seem to be corrupted".

Really strange this corrupted image problem. I can see all of them in VisiLogic and in many viewer!

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ur2 and urc files are completely different.

urc files are used for fonts and images cache on the Color PLCs (used both by Remote Access and Remote Operator), while ur2 is the file type used by Remote Operator in order to save its configuration (PLCs with their communication settings).

In order to import a urc file in Remote Operator, go to the where you found the button that creates the urc file from the PLC. There you also have an option to import a file from your computer.

Once a file was imported, it will be used again (so you don't need to import it every time) and it will be used for other PLCs that has exactly the same Fonts and Images.

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I find the way to create the urc file with VisiLogic complicated. I like very much to find out why I get this error by downloading  the Images.

I checked all my pictures. Every thing look very good.

Does VisiLogic have a log file to find out exactly the problem?



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Hi, I've took the project that you sent me and downloaded it to a PLC.

I was able to create a URC file from both Remote Operator and Remote Access.

(You can also try Remote Access... I'm pretty sure that you will get a similar error, for example: subscript out of range. If you don't get any error in Remote Access, then tell me)


Are you sure this project is identical to the project that is located on the PLC?


If you are sure that this project is identical to the one in the PLC then you can first try to use Verify in order to be sure of that.

If the project is verified or you are sure that it is the same project then you can re-downloaded it to the PLC (using download all, in order to force the download of the entire project... Please note, "Download All" requires reset). This should solve the problem.



If you cannot download the project to the PLC (because the machine/plc must not be reset), then you can try the following:

Open the project in Visilogic, go to "Project" -> Create Project Files - > Go to tab "HMI Displays" and click on "Create File". Choose the file name and path and a URC file will be created.

Once the file is created, go to Remote Operator, and instead of selecting "Create Cache File", choose "Import Cache File". Select the file you have just created, and try to Remote Control the PLC.

If you see red X's then it means that Remote Operator calculations shows that the images on this project are different from the one in the PLC. (And if that happens, then tell me).



Please update me on how it goes (Results etc).



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