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I have to complete a program by the 28th of this month for work. The project is installing a hmi/plc on a pizza line to improve efficiency. I am in the middle of programming it but I am beginning to find myself getting bogged down very easily. I need help with programming. I have a ex-rc1 which threw a spanner in the works with extra programming I don't need. Is there anyone who can help with my program - it's not very complicated, I'm just not very good at it.


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Hello Gerard,

You realise that this forum is not here to write programs for people, but we try to help as best we can. The ability to get what you need done before 3/28 may not be possible. We all have our own projects to get done :)

Tell us what all of your hardware is. What PLc model you are using, what IO modules you are attaching to the Ex-RC, and what snap IO (if any). Attach a copy of your program so far and a description of what you need to control and if possible a list of all inputs and outputs (if it is not allready in the hardware profile).

Speaking for my self ........ no promises, but if I get a few minutes Ill give it a try (but you need to get the information requested).


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