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Does anyone knows how to check the credit balance (prepaid sim) using modem such as enfora, siemens TC35. I dont have enough knowledge regarding AT command. I am working a test program where in a plc can check prepaid balance.

The sim network provider that im using is GLOBE Prepaid sim particular here in the philippines. Furthermore, to check balance on such prepaid sim is by sending a text message BAL to 222 specifically.

I've search to net that it need some editing on modem AT command, particular AT+CUSD, but i dont know how to implement this command on the program. Any comment are greatly appreciate regarding this matter.. thanks



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Hi Nouy,

If you know the command, you need to set the port to FB Protocol and send the command via Protocol send block. You need ot prepare FB Protocol Scan block to receive expected answer.

After receiving the answer, you need ot return the port back to modem operation.

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Hi Emil,

Thanks for the reply, i have already did a program sending a sms, but when i use 222 on a recipient it seems there's a send fail bitmap on such number.. i've checked on net that it some AT commands on modem,, but i dont know how to implement... AT+CUSD..

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