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Good evening,

Our customer wants PLC to count impulses of four machines, and to have results (count per minute) in PC (Excel). So I think cheapest solution would be Jazz connected via serial cable to PC DDE server. I want to ask what max length of serial connection cable can be used? Thank you!

As a general rule of thumb, RS232 is not recommended over 50 feet.

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If you can live with a slower data transfer rate, you can increase the distance. Assuming you only need to collect results once or twice a minute, you could set a rate of 1200 baud, and run your RS-232 signal a few thousand feet without any problems. Alternately, you could put a $60 RS-232 <-> RS422 converter at the PC end, switch the DIP switches to RS-422, and run your data half a mile at 9600 baud.

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