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Complete list of binary commands?

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In Communication with the Vision PLC (version 20/9/04), only 3 binary commands are listed: 4, 68, and 77.

However, when I sniff a download operation, I see at least one other, a 0 (zero) command.

Is there some other document that describes all of the possible commands?



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It will require a lot of code (and not just commands) for understanding, and compiling the Ladder, HMI, Hardware configuration etc and then going through all the process of communicating with the plc with the right sequence.

It is practically building Visilogic from scratch, but in Linux...

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Just to make sure we're talking about the same thing: I'm needing to emulate the functionality of the UniDownloader. I don't need the ability to actually make changes to what is downloaded, just to be able to download a new image.

My scenario is a linux based system that is equipped with Unitronics PLCs. I need to implement the automated update of said system using the native linux control computer (i.e., there is no windows software of any sort in/around the system).

Does UniDownloader really do all of those things (compile the ladder, HMI, hardware configuration)? If so, what solution would you suggest so that we can continue to use your PLCs?

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