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JAZZ Wireless and Enfora Modem for Remote Access

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Attempting to get a SIM Card from JAZZ Wireless to allow Remote Access to the V570 Controller using an Enfora Modem. The SIM is provisioned with Static Public IP Address. I have tested the following:

(1) SMS Messaging

(2) Email

(3) PLC to PC (Call)

(4) PC to PLC (Listen)

I could get the SMS and Email functions to work easily. I had trouble getting (3) and (4) to work at all. We figured out that the Firewall was causing the issue with PLC to PC to occur. I turned off Firewall and successfully made this work. We will make exclusions on Firewall to allow it to happen with Firewall on now.

We still can not get PC to PLC communication to occur and was hoping someone that's used JAZZ in this setup would provide some information as to why this might occur. JAZZ did not have port 20256 open and we though that might be the issue but didn't resolve anything.

A few notes I've noticed. When I was having issue with PLC to PC I was never showing SB87 (Modem Connected COM2) high. This made sense because the Firewall was keeping it from connecting. Once that was resolved SB87 was high. What I'm seeing with PC to PLC is that when I put the Modem in "Listen" mode for Port 20256 I immediately get SB87 high although I haven't attempted to connect to it with anything.

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