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SMS Phone Number: via MI Pointer

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I have a question regarding the SMS phone number via MI pointer Special Function in Unitronics Jazz PLC.

How are the phone numbers in the phone book handeled, while also using indirect phone numbers?

For example, if I have selected the the phone nr. #3 from the SMS configuration window and written there a phone number of +123456789 and also inserted the phone number +987654321 indirectly using the special function (SI140 = 400), where will the SMS be sent?

a) +123456789

B) +987654321

c) to both numbers, or

d) to neither of those numbers?

If it is c), then I suppose if I have selected also phone numbers #1, #2 and #4 from the SMS configuration, the SMS will be sent to 5 phone numbers: (#1, #2, #3 and #4 according to the phone book and also the number insterted using the MI pointer). Correct?

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You can define up to 6 numbers in SMS phone book. One (and only one) of them can be defined as Indirect.

When you define a mesaage to send, when you click on "S" column to define the bit to send, U90Ladder opens Phone book and you can "Check" in left column the phone numbers you want specified SMS to be sent.

a) If you check only +1234... it will send only ot it.

B) If you check only te indirect number, it will send only to it. BTW - you can make relativelly simple Laddewr logic to fill different numberts in stated MI addresses and this wasy to send to many numbers.

c) to both - if you will check both +123... and the indirect number.

d) to neighter of those numbers, if you will not "check" any of them.

I hope this answers the question.

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