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Hello all,

I have a question about an Ethernet connection. I'm trying to connect multiple V570 PLCs to the existing network. I use the program Arkadi Samarov wrote to assign an IP address through DHCP. I would like to connect to the PLCs by using there Hostnames through a DDNS server, but when checking the DHCP table in my router it seems the PLCs don’t have Hostnames. I can’t seem to find an option to assign this to the PLCs. Is it possible to assign it or should I go with a static IP address.

Thanks in advance,


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I have not find a host name either, but i am using listen mode in Visilogic:


In the plc program add attempt to "TCP connect" to designated port to you PC with Visilogic (PC should be on static IP, ideally public static)

Execute it every 30-60 sec (less then 30 sec, not recommended because of TCP retry logic).

Since Visilogic does not have multi-threaded TCP listener, Each PLC should have a unique destination port, so make a reference table between Unique PLC ID number (SDW9) or other device ID and Visilogic destination port.

When you need connection to PLC, just activate visilogic listen mode and within 30 sec you'll have a connection established:


I have 400+ DHCP controllers across US and as soon it plugged into the network i have an instant connection from Visilogic.

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I am agree about webinar.

In addition to my previos post, there is a few important settings must be taken care of in system integers:

  1. Socket "X" TCP/IP Keep Alive (units of 100 msec) - corresponding SI103-SI106 should be set to at least for a 2 minutes. This is nessesary for downloads.
  2. Socket "X" TCP/IP Connection Keep (units of 100 msec) - corresponding SI107-SI110 should be set to at least for a 2 minutes as well. This will be nessesary in case if you lose connection while PLC in stop mode, so OS will reconnect controller to your Visilogic.

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