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  1. You seem to be mixing up contact and coils. Also in your second ladder rung you have two separate logic threads. Do not do that. Further, that second logic thread is screwing everything else up - you are forcing MB 3, O 2, and TD 1 on all the time. I would do that part this way: This is not clear to me. It looks like you've left out a step as you state that the first valve closes then you immediately say it opens again.
  2. If you wish to communicate with 1 Master and 3 or fewer Slaves, MODBUS TCP should work fine. Just be sure your communication function blocks are properly set up and all IP addresses are unique and on the same subnet. There are example projects that came with your VisiLogic installation that show you how. If you can't get MODBUS TCP working to your satisfaction, post your program here and someone will help you.
  3. Do you have a copy of the .vlp project file that is currently running on the PLC?
  4. OP mentioned V700, so this is not UniStream. Moved to the correct forum. Some of what AlexUT mentions also applies to the Vision products, so that response is relevant. I'd also add that likely the program running on the V700 is trying to write to the SD card. @Bledineeds to make sure there is a properly formatted card in the SD card slot and that the card is 16GB or less. If you believe that you have done this, try a different card and make sure it is formatted with the FAT32 file system and that the proper directory structure has been written to the card. The best way to do this is
  5. I am, frankly, shocked that this works. Each of those rungs should be broken up into at least two, if not three rungs. I can't believe that "Buffer 1" or "Buffer 2" has completed both parts of the Copy Tag operation before the Copy Buffer occurs.
  6. How are you reading these values? When I go online with the data table in VisiLogic I see the value in timer format.
  7. I recommend posting your question in the UniLogic forum rather than the VisiLogic forum to get help.
  8. It's hard to make sense of what you're trying to do. There is an HMI Timer display that will display an actual timer in any format you choose. If you want to copy the timer preset or current into an integer register, use the Load Timer/Counter Preset or Load Timer/Counter Current functions. For those, I recommend that you use an ML rather than an MI since the Preset and Current are in units of 10ms. If you are trying to manipulate clock time, then there are System Integers (SI) that have the hours, minutes, and seconds already separated for you.
  9. Are you saying that your finger was touching the screen when the screenshot above was taken? Do any other buttons or touch elements work?
  10. HMI screen calls need to be a latched bit (SET Coil) and need to be entered in the Actions section of UniLogic.
  11. Like I said, the search function only sees the first element of a vector unless individual elements of a vector are used elsewhere. You have to keep track of vectors in use and their length when utilizing the search function (and when assigning operands in general).
  12. That pretty much says they were being stepped on somewhere. The operand search function works very well in VisiLogic, but can be misleading with vectors - you have to be careful.
  13. What I would look for in this situation is to make sure you're not stepping on MB 1244-1248 in either PLC.
  14. Also, be sure you are running the VisiLogic program executable "As Administrator". You can force a shortcut to always do this by right-clicking on the shortcut, selecting Properties, then go to the Compatibility tab and check the box. Unitronics used to recommend that UAC be turned all the way down before installing. Not sure if they still do but I always do that.
  15. Then you're probably best off uninstalling and reinstalling VisiLogic. VisiLogic Reinstall Instructions: -Backup all projects. -Uninstall VisiLogic with the Uninstaller Wizard. -Delete the folder “Unitronics VisiLogic_C” from C:\Program Files (x86)\Unitronics -Delete the folder “Unitronics” from C:\Program Files\Common Files -Reboot the PC. -Install VisiLogic again. Make sure you run the Visilogic install program as Administrator (this means right-click on the file and select "Run as administrator"). There is also a registry cleaner recommended elsewhere
  16. Meaning right-click on the install file and select "Run as administrator"?
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