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  1. Thank goodness no one has asked about shifting bits left or right to multiply or divide by powers of 2.
  2. Beautifully done, Joe. This comes naturally to us old codgers who learned how to use a slide rule. It's tougher for folks who know only calculators.
  3. I'm pretty sure 9.8.65 is identical in this respect to 9.8.64. As I recall, there was a minor issue with 9.8.64 that was quickly corrected by rolling out 9.8.65.
  4. Do not use a decimal point (comma). Just keep track in your head of where the decimal should go then display it using the HMI numeric variable that allows you to select how many decimal places and inserts the comma for you. For example, if you want to linearize your input from 0 to 1.5 bar, then linearize it to 0 to 15, remembering that you have implied one decimal place. Keep track of that through any subsequent calculations and you can multiply or divide by whatever power of ten gets you the precision you require. If you want the pressure displayed to two decimal places then simply
  5. Use integers with an implied decimal, then you can display on the HMI to whatever precision is appropriate. There is almost never a good reason to use MF for internal calculations involving decimals.
  6. Which screen are you referring? In my experience it takes 1-2 minutes to get the initial programmed HMI screen to appear.
  7. I forgot which forum I was in when I originally answered, though the answer is essentially the same. I will say that I understand Swervo's concern - UniStreams take a LOOONG time to boot up.
  8. Actually, forget SB 2. Just hang the Output coil on the left rail - that way the output will stay on and will be easier to see.
  9. Not sure how it would be possible to time that within the PLC, but you could certainly add a ladder rung with an unused digital output triggered by SB 2 and use an external timer to time the power-on to output-on interval.
  10. Seconded. Of course there are perhaps dozens of settings that should be saved by project in VisiLogic but aren't. And why doesn't VisiLogic pre-fill the file name when doing a Save-As, like every single other Windows program in the world?
  11. PLC had been sitting on a shelf for 6 months and the last program was still in it and working when I powered up (the previous program was not "burned"). No, probably should have tried this. Did try dropping the baud rate. Note above that I tried on two different computers - one was Win 10 and one was Win 7. Both were able to connect to other Vision PLCs using the same serial cable. Agreed. Isn't it amazing that a piece of electronics can sit on a shelf and fail without any activity whatsoever. I probably won't have time to troubleshoot further since I now have a working
  12. Great suggestion! Unfortunately I was already in the process of installing the serial module when I saw your comment. End result: Got the V100-17-RS4 module installed (very difficult by the way) and the PC connected right away using Port 2. Still doesn't work on Port 1. Everything else about the PLC seems normal and functional. And, of course, SB 314 is off.
  13. No, I checked that. And anyway, I have been using this PLC for programming work for a couple of years with no problem and have never opened it up. A second serial port is cheap, so I'm going to install one this afternoon and see if that works.
  14. I have a V130 that I use occasionally for some programming work that I suddenly can't communicate with via serial comms. In INFO Mode I can see TX & RX occurring during handshaking, but VisiLogic gives me the dreaded Communications Error box. I've tried two different computers with the same result (one of which is Win 7 and the other Win 10). Both computers will communicate just fine with a V1210 using the exact same cables, so this appears to be a problem with the V130. INFO Mode shows that all the comm setting are correct in the V130, as follows: COM 1 - RS232 Prtcl: PCOM
  15. You should avoid conditional subroutine calls. It's not just timers, but any coil will be left in limbo when the subroutine is not being called.
  16. I think you're misunderstanding the power flow designation in VisiLogic. When a coil is energized it will show as red when online in VisiLogic. The fact that the coil is a SET coil, RESET coil, or direct coil is irrelevant to showing it energized. Whether a SET or RESET in VisiLogic, it's still the same coil and will be visualized the same. What you need to be looking for is complete power flow from the left rail to the coil.
  17. If you can Ping both PLCs from your PC, then the next course of action is to go through all the initialization and configuration blocks with a very careful eye. There are LOTS of entries and one wrong number will bring the whole thing down.
  18. Thanks for reporting back with the solution!
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