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I've tried to control an intake fan and a extraction fan by using SET AND RESET Coils, controlled by a set point (saved as a HMI entry MI).

I also included a timer subroutine to try and prevent relay bounce


However the program does not reset the coil when the temperature lowers.



This is the Fan section of the project (the 1st image), showing the 'SET' part of the ladder





This is the 'RESET' net

Both the set and reset ladders also have a touch controlled on/off switch represented by positive/negative transitional




This image shows the timer net, that is meant to stop relay bounce



It should i think in theory work, if there are any experienced coders that would like to take a look that would be marvellous  





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Instead timer, maybe you can try ot set a little hysteresis. Please check the example ON-off control in VisiLogic.

I'll divide the conditions to start and stop the fan for both temperature and humidity setpoints and they both will operate bits. Then will OR these bits to activate the real output. This seems to me easy for edit and debug.

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