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Does VisiLogic 9.5 runs or is suported on Windows Server 2008 32bits?

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I plan to use Windows Server 2008 platform to run Visilogic and connect to my PLC-HMI V1210.

However, I got many errors installing and now running it (It worked fine under Window 7). I just managed to completed a "Hello" program. Then close Visilogic an opening to get another errror. Now I cannot even run it because the error message saying "DLL: UnPrHnd1." see the attached.

Maybe Visilogic isn't meant for Windows Server (2008) and that is the reason. Please, Help.


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Unitronics software is Desctop OS oriented.


Unitronics Support Download section:



Includes Software system requirements, which is constantly updated:



Server platforms are not supported officially, as them intended to run different software, like e-mail servers, data base engines etc.


I hope this answers your question.

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