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Sending SMS

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Good day.

I have a question about SB183:

According to the help topic "How the Controller works with SMS messaging" -   during sending SMS SB183 lasts about 5 sec.

So If I manually organise a SMS sending I must manually organise SB183 ON five second delay (by means of Timer) and then switch SB183 OFF manually also, I`m right?

OR this 5 sec are automatically organised in PLC and SB183 automatically switches  OFF.

Thank you for your answer in advance.


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Alexander, thank you for replay. About linked MB it is clear for me - all is done automatically,

But in my case I receive the SMS from one (of five) phone, and I want to resend THIS SMS to ANOTHER phone from the phone list.

As I understood using MB I will resend this SMS to both phones, but I need only to receive from one and only to send to another one?

Or nevertheless it is better to use MB?

Thanks for help in advance, it my first experience programming JAZZ.

Image from Ladder:


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You can absolutely send an SMS message to another number after receiving the same message. It is not necessary to directly use SB's for this purpose as shown in your ladder image.This is described in more detail in the help file in U90 under Communications/ SMS/ SMS Message Properties.


In the SMS Configuration you can link a specific message to both a send and receive MB. After the message is received the receive bit will go high. This can directly trigger the send bit which will send the message to all selected recipients within the SMS configuration.


This will allow you to both receive a message, then immediately send it out again.

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