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Expansion I/O not being counted in HW Editor ; .vlp copying

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Good afternoon all,

I am new to the Unitronics line.  I have what are probably a couple of simple problems, but haven't found the solutions in help or in the forums.


1) I am trying to set up a V350-35-TR20 with an IO-ATC8.  I have added the module to the rail and configured 8 type K tcs (Addresses 32-39).  These inputs do not transfer down to the Output Window (obviously, on the 'Inputs' tab).  Also, in Hardware Configuration, the IO monitor only shows the available IO from the V350 (12 I, 8 O) - it does not reflect the additional 8 inputs from the ATC8.  The D.O.s that are configured in the Configuration Editor do transfer to the 'Outputs' tab of the Output Window.  What am I missing to see these inputs outside of the module configuration screen?   (FYI - an EX-A2X is physically in the system, not shown in software)


2) I cannot copy the file that I am working on at work onto an external drive to continue working at home.  Is this by design?


Computer: Win7 64-bit    Visitronics rev: 9.5.0 build 0


Thanks for any help!


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1. Only digital inputs and outputs will appear in the I and O operands.  Analogue I/O don't appear unless they are configured, and once they are configured they appear in the MI section, based on which MI is linked to the each analogue input or output.  The presence of the EX-A2X is assumed, so it doesn't appear explicitly in the HW config.


2. You can't save directly out of Visilogic to a removable drive.  This is a known characteristic.  You can achieve your aim by saving the file, closing Visilogic and then using Windows Explorer to copy the file to your removable device.  Do the reverse at the other PC, copy the file off your removable device before opening it with Visilogic.

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