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Problems with UniLogic Software


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Can I assume that you don't even see the splash screen?

If so, then a small part of our users have experienced this issue, it has been addressed and it will be resolved on our next release.


The issue happens because Windows is missing the registration of the .png file type.

We believe that one program that you have installed or uninstalled, has removed the Content Type, or the png extension from the registered extensions on Windows.



For fixing the issue by yourself, open regeit


On HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT look for .png

If you don't find it then add a new Key called .png



Now, you might find the following string values under that key, and you might not. If you don't then create them, and if you do, then just change the value:


Under that key, add a new String value, and give it the name: Content Type

Right click it and choose Modify. Enter the value: image/png


Add another string value, and give it the name: PerceivedType

Give it the value: image



It should look like the picture that I've attached.

You don't need the "OpenWith.." etc (they are not required for UniLogic to run)



Please tell me if it helped.




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