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Email Direct & Indirect Contents

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I am having an issue with some email alerts that I am trying to send from my V570.


I am looking to combine direct and indirect email content into the same message, is this possible?


For example, at a set time, I want the PLC to send an email saying eg "your current drum volume is 257 litres".  

The wording "your current drum volume is" - is the direct email content, and the 257 is read from an MI and is therefore the indirect content.


Is this possible?





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Hi Russ,

It will be possible. The email FB allows for either indirect or direct text. To include both you can first prepare the direct text within the ladder using the String to ASCII, you will store the string in a vector. you can then add the indirect values into the vector, Say you enter "your current drum volume is liters" you will store this into say MI100 as the start of vector, you can then use string tools to convert the indirect value "257" to ASCII. Then and lastly use the insert string into string FB and reference the vector when sending the email. 

Hope this helps you get just what you want!

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