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Can't get the PID block to work

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Hi everybody

thank you for your support and great advice in the past

yet unfortunately I have stumbled across another problem I was not able to solve:


I can't get the PID to work in my program - I defined all the parameter, all the data, I've even assigned a button to turn on the PID block, yet it refuses to switch to on state, it's status not changing after it's activation.


Thank you in avance for your help

02_PROJECT 12.vlp

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Within the project you have the PID configuration being powered by the power up bit, SB 2 in the HE PID subroutine. However, in your main routine you have a bit, MB 0, acting as an initial condition that calls the subroutine. If you are calling the subroutine to run after it has already powered up the PID configuration will not be able to run. All subroutines that have power up conditions being set should also be run on the first scan.


Once the configuration is run you will be able to use the status message within the PID configuration to troubleshoot any issues.

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