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Regarding DLU capacity usage, Visilogic 9.5.0.

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How is DLU capacity usage (for Visilogic) calculated or maybe allocated. It doesn't seem to match up the PLC memory distribution and there is no indication (information) given on what is taking up the DLU capacity. As my project grow, the DLU capacity grow too, but it doesn't seem to free up the DLU capacity even I deleted 20 displays and half the numbers of subroutine from my project while the PLC memory distribution will reduce greatly. Why? Why as I add more display and subroutine the DLU capacity got used up but it did not free up when I remove displays and subroutines even through PLC memory usage get reduced greatly (by 35%). 


Can Unitronic gurus here enlighten me on this strange phenomenon and give advice on how to free up DLU capacity without creating a new projects (I know this will fix it, but I recycle the same project file for different projects and delete the unneeded stuff after completion).  


Thanks in advance.

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