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Hi, :(


I'm trying to make connection to a V570 over internet.

The connection works ok on the local network internally,

  but not from the internet externally.

I open for port forward of TCP port 20256. 

Other products do work ok with the same type setup

 using the router public IP.

My concern it that the router does not see the V570 at all

 it doe not show up on the connection list.

I can ping it, but port forward doesn't seem to find it.

This is an Option Globe Surfer III.

I have used this with pc to pc connections on site ok.

Does anyone have a suggestion or perhaps another modem

 that works with Unitronics?


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In the case of Port forwarding, PLC works the same way as any other PC.

If you set correctly PFW in the router, and you can connect to PLC locally but not externally, than the most common mistake is wrong Gateway address in PLC.

Some networks may have multiple gateways (ex: Data & Voice). you have to set PLC to the one, you are using for port forwarding.



Ping is useless to diagnose forwarded devices. The response comes from the router, not from the device.  

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As Linxchas mentioned you will be connecting to the IP of the router, and not the PLC's local IP address. I would double check the routers IP, that an available socket is set for port 20256 as a slave (Default socket 1), and that the card and socket are properly initialized. Using a PC on the same network as the PLC, I would also attempt to ping the routers IP to ensure you can connect to that before troubleshooting the port forwarding.


Also, after cycling power check the following system bits to make sure they are powered:

SB 141: Ethernet: Card Exists

SB 142: Ethernet: Card Initialized

SB 143-146: Sockets 0-3 Initialized respectively depending on which one you are using

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