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Best practice distributed digital i/o for Vision PLC

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We are currently during design phase of project, the project specification require distributed high performance digital i/o (up to 10ms data exchange interval).

Each Unitronics Vision PLC should be able to connect up to 30 different 8in/8out I/O units using communication.

Is there any recommended design? Is there recommended remote i/o units? 

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I think this forces you to use the EX-RC1 both for the speed of update (10ms) and the number of I/O drops (30).


The EX-RC1 and UniCAN are very fast, I think it has been stated in the forum elsewhere that the I/O exchange can occur in a single PLC scan.  This may be only for a single UniCAN slave.  If you need to read all 30 slaves within 10ms you may need to ask Unitronics support for help directly (support@unitronics.com).  Also, the UniCAN protocol allows you to create event-driven updates, so the remote module can send data to the PLC as soon as an input changes, instead of waiting for the PLC to request an update (as occurs with Modbus).


I hope this helps.

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