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Sending a customer udated PLC programs by SD card

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I am hoping that someone who knows may see this before I have to ship anyway.


I have multiple V570 PLC units between 20 - 100 miles apart from each other in Colorado (I am in Oklahoma) and my shop is supposed to record the PLC name before it leaves here, but for whatever reason did not.


Typically I would make a full clone and key the full clone by "PLC name", but since I have no PLC names I can not do this.  There are no passwords on the PLC wither by the way....if you were wondering.



From an old training class I vagely remember a discussion about the ability to make a download file that would have a maximum number of downloads.


Anyone have any thoughts.  The end game is to have the customer have an updated program for 12 units without the ability of them to run off with the intelectual property.




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Hi Keith,


Without having the PLC name it is not possible to limit the number of downloads using a UniDownloader file. With the UniDownloader file they will not be able to view any logic or program information, but they will be able to download the program to any available controller. If possible, the customer could provide the PLC name from info mode on the controller.


The Jazz controller has a clone module that limits the amount of downloads of a program, but this is limited to this model only.

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