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Data logger

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I want to log some events by using few inputs. Every time the input signal goes UP, the event time should be stored to memory.

Every day the memory contents should be send by email to specific email address.

I have never before done anything with Unitronics Vision PLC:s and I am not sure, if this email send is even possible.


I've downloaded the VisiLogic software and played a little with it. I found out there is function called "Data Tables", which could be useful to store the event data (time, date etc.)

I could use the "Data Tables Write Row" -function every time, when specific input goes up. This way I could fill up the table.

But this is only a speculation. Is this method even possible?


What about sending the data with email? I tried to find out a solution, but didn't succeed. Could someone help me out on this?

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