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I/O Doupts

Guest venkat

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Hi sir,

We are using Visilogic (V 570), and we are using I/O Expansion module and some I/O,

We checked the I/0 at power up condition that LED was not glowing. I mean we gave 24v dc to I/Os,

And Run LED of the Module is blinking, then I studied the manual and its mentioned this is a Communication Failure,

After I make a communication, now itself the I/O LED is not glowing and Run LED blinking so tell me the Solution……..as much as possible………..

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Does the power Led and the comm led on the EX-A1 are On?

Usually the Run Led is blinking if the hardware configuration does not match to the I/O that physically connected.

First of all did you configure in VisiLogic Hardware configuration the I/O you are using?

Make sure that you configured the I/O the same order as it is physically connected.

After configuration is done download the application to the OPLC.

Note that both the OPLC and the EX-A1 must be connected to the same power supply.

You can also review the EX-A1 manual at: http://www.unitronics.com/Data/Uploads/IO_expansions/EX-A1%2012-24VDC.pdf

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