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XY graph possible with V570?

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I was wondering if it is possible to plot an XY graph with the V570 where X and Y values are both based on analog inputs.  I've taken a look at trends, etc, but it seems like they're all based on a time scale for the x axis.  If it is possible, is there an example I can look at somewhere?  Thanks!

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Hi Garry,

Use Utils->HMI->Draw Line. It will draw you a line between 2 points.

You have to scale you date to display area and transform it to pairs of display coordinates. Then draw line between two pionts.


Draw Line use direct draw to PLC memory, so it will interfere with any display elements.



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Thanks for the method, but I'm not sure I'm all that interested in going to this length to get a plot.  I was hoping to have an easier way to do it :).


I should also have mentioned that I'd be taking the x and y values from a data table (which your method would support of course).

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