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Problem with 9.6 on windows 8

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Have you followed the directions that are posted at Unitronics in regards to version 7 and 8. I think this is the correct link  http://forum.unitronics.com/index.php?/topic/664-can-i-use-visilogic-with-vistawin7/. I have windows 8 64 bit and Unitronics support got me up and running after we followed the aforementioned procedure. Have not had any problems with 9.6 (or any of the other software) on windows 8. 


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I too had similar issues with setting up Visilogic in Windows 8.


What I finally did , and got things to work was  to  change the security properties on the Visilogic.exe in the Main directory.

Be sure you have  Administrator Permissions


C:\program files\unitronics\unitronics Visilogic_C\main                     ( yours may be  slightly diffferent)

        Right click  on   Visilogic.exe

          goto Properties on the Dropdown

             First open the tab  for Compatability and check off   fo rWindows XP Mode   

                  and also click on the   Change settings for ALL users.

              Second open the security tab

                   examine  the security settings for each user

                          IF they doe not have FULL Controll as  ALLOWED, edit the user to give  FULL CONTROL


        I also did this to the Visilogic Version Swapper.exe


Once I got this done. I used Visilogic Version swapper to  setup the version , the program worked.


I even managed to get 3 versions of Visilogic Loaded ( 9.5  9.6  9.7) and functional thru Swapper by making sure the Visilogic.exe  security settings were changed.


Another note :  I also had to change my USB-Serial Adapter cable because the drivers for my other ones would not support Windows 8

                             ( Some Prolific Chip versions will not work with Windows 8)

                        Ended up getting a cable that specified to was compatable with Windows 8  and it works


Dan Thomas

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