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Cannot Move Objects on V570 Editor

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I am unable to move objects in the display editor for a V570 project.


Yesterday, I began creating a project for a V570. The display/grpahic/HMI editor worked as I expected. Today, I am trying to make more edits to the display I started with and I am unable to move or resize any of the objects on the display. I can select them, view properties, group, ungroup, etc. When I do select them, the handles are displayed, but I cannot click and drag the obects or resize them. I can also create new objects, but cannot move them after the initial placement.


Is there a setting that causes this to happen? I am using the latest version 9.6 Build 5 downloaded yesterday.

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Hi Degreeless,


There is an HMI icon to lock the HMI display. It locks the display so that nothing can be changed. The Icon looks like a lock, and is under the word "tools"


please contact support@unitronics.com if the issue persists.





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