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my father bought a machine where this OPLC was included, now i want to reprogramm some things but the programming cable wasn't included.


where can i buy this cable? what type of cable is it?

and does it exist to USB? or how should i do this because my computer is recently new and it doesnt support serial ports anymore. it hasn't got one build in.


In advance,

Thank you!



P.S. maybe i should apologize for my bad english, i hope you'll understand ;)



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First of all you need to know that In order to be able to upload the project to your PC and make your changes to the code, program must have been downloaded using "burn" option. If not, then project upload is not possible. But even if upload option is possible, it might be protected with a password.

If you can't upload the project for any of the reasons above, you will need to create a new program from scratch and over-write the existing program.


To upload/download a project you need to have the MJ10-22-CS25 programming cable and a usb to rs-232 converter.


Hope this Helps!

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The order code for the cable that normally ships with the PLC is actually RS232-CB1.  The part MJ10-22-CS25 is just the adaptor that plugs on the end.


You would need to contact a Unitronics distributor, check the Unitronics website for your nearest one.

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