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Good evening

I have written a program for a barcode scanner that reads a barcode and parses the info to the screen, and then communicates it to a printer

I do however have a couple of issues

1) If I plug the scanner into the port of the V120 it doesnt work, however I think that must just be me, as I downloaded a program called termite and plugged in the PLC to one port and the scanner to another, set my ports to forward in the program from the scanner to the PLC and it works.


The major problems that I am facing is that unless I switch screens the HMI does not update, cant work out how to do that.. any thoughts


The next problem is that if the first barcode I scan is 20 characters long and the next is 15 then the last 5 characters do not clear out, but stay with the new scan, this I dont understand so if anyone has some ideas I would love to hear them




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Regarding the screen update issue, you have two options:

1. Use SB31- setting this bit will refresh the whole HMI screen. You can either set it periodically or trigger it by an incoming transmission.

2. Use the ASCII string Variable refresh bit (same principle as option 1, but in this case only the variable will refresh).



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