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V350 with e-mail and ethernet

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I have a V350 with ethernet card. I setup a counter for the maintenance. I send a e-mail when the plc reach the counter. Work great. Also I would like control the plc with Remote Access? I try but don't work. For e-mail I setup the block ''TCP/IP - Socket init'' Master. But I can't connect to plc whith Remote acces when I configure with e-mail.

Thanks. Can I send e-mail and use Remote Access?

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Thank you for using our Unitronics Forum.


In order to use remote access while also sending e-mail via the Ethernet, you would need to initialize another socket and use that port number to connect and control the PLC via remote access. Our Ethernet ports will support up to 4 sockets for connection.



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Yes, each socket is already configured to a port, but you can change it in the configuration if you wish.


Socket 0: Port 20000

Socket 1: Port 20256

Socket 2: Port 502

Socket 3: Port 20257


Some port numbers are already defined for communications.  For instance, Port 502 is commonly used for MODBUS communication and Port 25 is used for e-mail routing between servers.

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