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Configuration example for UAC-02RS2

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Hello Michael,


Thank you for using our Forum.


In order to use Modbus via the UAC-02RS2 communication module, you would need to manually create the communication via the COM Rx and COM Tx function blocks in the Serial tab. 


We do have an RS232/RS485 converter that can be implemented with the CPU RS485 connection, which will allow you to use our Modbus communication function blocks. (Part #M90-19-R4).


What is the radio you are trying to use with this PLC?

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The Radio is an old one that used to have a working RS485 port but it was damaged a few years ago.


The Radio is obsolete and the community is reluctant to change out the existing radio without changing them all which results in a large cost.  i.e. This is a patch until they can free up some funding.


I have several converters and gateways in my office but had hoped to use the comport card.


I will use one of those until someone with more experience and smarts than me creates a user block (and shares) for Modbus communication for the expansion com port.


thank you for the quick reply.

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