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.NET Driver 2014 Source Missing ExecutersContainer.cs


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Hey folks (saragani, presumably)


I've been out of Unitronics development for several years, after handing our projects off to another developer, who just recently left our company. Now I'm back at it given said departure.


I am trying to debug an issue with our app that relies on the Unitronics .NET driver and the first thing I wanted to try was see if the bug went away in a new version of the driver. It doesn't using just the .dll so I'm on to debugging with the source.


Unfortunately, the source code download from the website at URL http://www.unitronics.com/Downloads/Support/Communication%20and%20Development/.NET%20Driver%202014.zip seems to be missing the Executers.Container.cs file.


Where can I acquire the full source code?


Robbie Walker

Atlantic Packaging

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You are right. I have no idea how it got deleted on the first place.

Anyhow, I've attached a newer version (a very small fix + enhancement on identifying V350/V130 models).

I'll send the updated verstion to our support so theu will upload it.



What is the bug that you are talking about?

(Can you please describe it? What is the issue, what is the scenario, where the bug is located in the code (if you know), and what is the fix?)


If no one has reported it, then there is a small chance that it was fixed.



NET Driver 2014 - Q3.zip

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