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ethernet again


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Hi again

Ok following my last post I sat down and ignored the world for ages, and it sunk in...finally

Now managed to connect to my device, well I hope, havent got to the stage of sending out messages to it yet,, one step at a time

However my issue is now that I cannot get the PLC to retain the IP addresses I set. must be me, cant imagine where else to look

I hope I have attached the file to this post and would be most grateful if someone tells me where I went wrong?

Just found out its too big!then it wouldnt let me send that either....dash it all




Thanks in advance


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Hi DaveE

Glad you are on the right path.

Is the power up value the same as the value you will like to retain?

Is the IP box in the HMI link to the correct tag?

If you like us the check your application you can send it to support@unitronics.com

The second pictures does not say much. In UniLogic you will alway see in ofline mode. That does not mean that the tag in not reained.

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Good morning

Ok. I would like to retain whatever entry that was last entered. It appears to be working for the port

The power up value was me trying everything to get the plc to start with a value in it and I honestly don't want to set a power up value, just keep a retained value

I understand about the picture was simply trying to show where the info came from


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I have same problem as DaveE.

I want to make data exchange with two PLCs and of course IP for remote PLC should be retentive but every time when PLC power up IP  becomes empty string although it is marked as retentive.  Like DaveE says " It appears to be working for the port".

I also tried to set PowerUp value for IP but alway on power up it becomes empty. As I remember it also tried test with some other tag declared as ascii string and there was same problem.



Do You use COM: CPU TCP/IP instructions for connection to another device?

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Yes I am trying to battle my way through it yes, I will have 4 devices for this one project, but if it works it could be as many as 20


The first issue I came across was this lack of retention


I have just worked out how to send the message and when I send them


Im now trying to evaluate the message back by comparing the message buffer back so I can move to the next step

IE if the returned message is x do this, if its y do something else and if its Z.. oh dear I have to connect all over again type of thing


Unfortunately I am stuck there


Im doing this after hours and therefore I dont get to much time on it (My wife doesnt like it that I come home from work and then pick up my laptop and connect a PLC)

she wonders why stuff doesnt get done at home :)


How are you making out?

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