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I have a project that I would like to use either the UniStream 10.4" HMI or the Vision V1210 12.1" HMI.


I am wonder which software would be the easiest to use to achieve my goal.


Description of process:


Trucks arrive and operators use a key fob to swipe and activate the system.

Once activated they dump a liquid which is passed through a flow meter.

Once completed they press a button to indicate dump completed and a receipt is printed for their records of total volume dumped.

They are billed monthly based on total volume dumped for the month.




Need to use a data base for all of the key fobs (175) and companies (75) complete with address and phone numbers.

Need to be able to add or delete key fobs and companies from data base via HMI

Need to setup communications with the key fob reader.

Need to setup printer.

Store the data on a flash drive.

Send email on the first of each month to accounting with the data so billing can be sent.


I have been using the Vision series of PLC for some years now but have limited experience on setting up and using databases in the software.


I have only done one project with the new UniStream PLCs.




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Hello Michael,


Thank you for using our Unitronics forum.


The UniStream sounds like a better fit for you on this project if you plan on storing data on a flash drive at the PLC.  This can be done by going into UniApps and transferring the data from the SD card to the flash drive.  This is a manual data transfer.  The Vision series controllers do not have USB hosts, but you could remotely gather the data on a PC and save to a flash that way.


E-mailing and Data Tables are set up very easily in the explorer window on the left hand side of UniLogic.  They are fairly intuitive and are easy to set up.


What is the key fob reader you will be using and how will it communicate?  Will the key fob reader communicate using ASCII serially? 


The USB hosts on the UniStream are capable of RS232 communication, and there is also an RS485 connection on the CPU.  We also have a serial communication module for more RS232 communication points.  We also have two Ethernet ports on the UniStream panel if it uses Ethernet.


What kind of printer do you plan on using?  What will it be used for?

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Thank you for your reply.


The key fob reader is currently connect to a PC running "winwedge" and they are using Allen Bradley RSVIEW32 with a micrologix PLC for control.


The PC is old and running older versions of windows and Allen Bradley software which the customer does not have the software for or the license. 

I'm comparing the cost of upgrading their system (New PC, new AB software, converting from old software to new) and replacing with the Unitronics PLC.


Winwedge is a RS232 connection but I need to research what is being communicated.  I expect ascii characters.


Has the UniStream been tested with printers yet?

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Hello Michael,


The Vision models support an RS232 port standard with the panel. 


UniStream supports two Ethernet ports, two USB hosts, RS485 and CANbus connection standard.  Serial communications can be established over the USB hosts.  You can purchase an additional comm module for RS232 communication.


However, I noticed that Winwedge also supports USB and TCP/IP communications, according to their site.


I am unsure what type of printer you are referring to, but ASCII printers will be supported over serial communications.  If you are trying to hook up a normal printer you would hook up to your computer over USB, our USB only contain the generic keyboard and mouse drivers.  I do not believe you can configure it to such a printer, but if you send and e-mail in to our support team at support@unitronics.com, we can inquire our R&D Team about it.


Hope this helps.

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