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GSM modem and Ethernet on same device

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We are using an Unitronic V130-33 T38, and right now remote control is only performed using sms messages. We are switching to a more complex system that uses ModBus over TCP (ethernet), but we would like to keep the sms messages coming as long as this new system is not completely functional.


Unfortunately, the communication with the technician programming the machine is not easy at the moment.

What I'd like to know is if it's actually possible to keep the GSM modem working while also having the ethernet expansion port connected to the optional port (I guess that means the modem should be connected to the main serial port).


Thank you in advance for any advice!





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Hello Micpalmia,

While Modbus over TCP utilize the Ethernet card that is attached to the optional port, the GSM modem is connected to the serial port of the PLC. Because the two devices are connected to two different communication ports, there is no problem keeping the SMS messaging system (as you mentioned, the modem should be connected to serial port 1).

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