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Aloha all,


I recently acquired the following and have connected them in the following order:

Model V120-22-UN2, HW Rev A, OS Version 4.00(18), Vision FONTS - V1.3 (B00)


0 - EX-A2X expansion adapter

1 - IO-AI8   8 analog inputs

2 - IO-ATC8 8 analog inputs / 8 thermocouple inputs

3 - IO-AO6X 6 analog outputs

4 - IO-RO8   8 relay outputs

5 - IO-TO16  16 transistor outputs

6 - IO-R08   8 relay outputs


When attempting to configure the HW / IO modules, the first module in the list IO-AI8 is no where in the list.  Why is this module omitted from the list?

The plc connects and communicates just can't get the HW configured as I need to.  Any help is appreciated.

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Thanks for the info.  I looked at my configuration window at the module list and found that my version does not list the IO-AI8 as shown in your graphic  (IO-ATC8 / IO-AI8), it only shows IO-ATC8.  I've assigned slot 0 IO-ATC8 it appears to accept it. I believe that I downloaded the latest firmware for my PLC.  Should I be looking for more updates to, match what you see?




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