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It is possible to change the language of the VisiLogic built-in alarm displays?

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Hi all,


I'm new in the programming of Unitronics OPLCs.


I use a V350-35-RA22 OPLC. I set the built-in alam displays and everything works well.

The language of the default texts is english on this built-in alarm display.


My question is that it is possible to change the language of this texts or where can I overwrite this texts.

In my case the texts should appear in hungarian. Please see the attached screenshots. 


Thanks in advance for the answers.






alarm display 11.bmp

alarm display 21.bmp

alarm display 31.bmp

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Hi, Tamas!


You can translate the "default texts":(the string library 1 can't be translated but all others can be.

So the solution:

1; in your ladder place a "Set.Str.lib" (found in strings- set strings library), select library 2. (triggered by SB2, to run it at power up).

2;translate the texts in library2 (if you already have strings in library 1 you can export them and import as library 2). If you need spezial hungarian characters like "éá.." you can also modify the font type to a font where the spec .sharacters are enabled.

3; the alarm HMI screens will be in your language.



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