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Update the OS Visilogic


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I have unitronics v1210, in the controler have a program but i don't have that program in pc

When I go to upload the controller display me a message "This project cannot be 

uploaded because: 
- the option 'Burn Upload Project' was not selected when the project was 
- due to incomplete data in the PLC", and upload fails.

If i download a new OS in this controler, will change something in the program.

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Thank you for using our Unitronics Forum.


Downloading a new OS will not affect the program; it will still retain the old program and only update the firmware.  Nothing of the program will be changed.


If the project was not downloaded to the controller with the option to upload the program, then that program will not be able to be retained from the PLC.  You would need to find a copy of the program (.vlp file extension) from whoever built the program.


Hope this helps.

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