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Problem when using SI64 (maximum number of DT files)

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Hi there,

I'm using V1040 with SD card, on which i'm storing .udt files.

I want to use SI64 as reference for changing the current sub DT(1-4) folder when it is full.
In the ladder application i'm using SB341 as condition for storing SI64 in a MI, but as result SI64 give me the remaining files in main DT folder, not in current sub DT folder (1-4), which i'm using.

Did anyone faced the same problem?



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SI 64 will only calculate the number of files in the main DT folder. To know when a subfolder is full you will need to implement a counter each time a file is added to any SD card subfolders.


Aham, okay.

Meanwhile, i did it in a similar way, that you suggest. I used "Folder report" function with a counter....

Thanks for answer.


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