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Numeric to Bit in VisiLogic

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I have Vision130 and I need MI to convert to 4 MB s, _


So If MI =0 then MB1= 0, MB2=0 MB3=3, MB4=0

If      MI=3 THEN           0           0         1           1




       MI=15 THEN         1            1          1          1



Thanks in advance



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Hello socaoh,


Thank you for using our Unitronics Forum.


Please refer to the Numeric to Bits function block located under the "Vector" function tab.  You can set up the integer you wish to monitor and place the bit value they create within a vector of bits.  There is also a function block for creating a numeric value according to a vector of bits called "Bits to Numeric".


Hope this helps!

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thanks Pratt


Till now I ve worked Jazz and M91 Plc. Now I migrate to Vision and 

I ve ordered V130. While I m waiting to arrive I must prepare the program.


Please if you have time tell me if I make the function 

as bellow in attachment AND

MI2=7 and I make one Positive pulse on SB41 wiil be these MB's 


MB10 =1 MB11=1 MB12=1 MB13=0



Thanks in advance



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