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Modbus RTU w/ Jazz PLC

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I want to know if the programming port for Jazz PLC can be used as Modbus RTU communication. Once configured for Modbus RTU in ladder, can the same port be used to go online with the program for troubleshooting ? Would that need any kind of communication reset before it can be used for monitoring program again?

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Theoretically - yes. Jazz doen't care if the module is JZ-PRG or JZ-RS4.


1. JZ-PRG needs external power. That's why it uses 6 wire cable. When you connect to PC, the computer provides this external power. But when you connect to third party device, you need to take care.

2. JZ-PRG is passive port. This means that there needs to be active port on te other side ot wake it up. Even if you supply power properly, you will not communicate between Jazz and Jazz. Additional problem is, that practically no producer states ifthe port is active or passive.

Bottom line - highly recommended to use JZ-RS4 module and not JZ-PRG for any communication out of simple connection to PC or modem.

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