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So I am going to using a SD card and writing delimited lines for data logging. That part of the reporting is rather easy. Can you go back into the .CSV file from the PLC/HMI (V130 series) and view the recorded data? I am aware that if I used a data table or something of that matter I could easily view the data but I want to use a .CSV file so the customer doesn't have to deal with another software package to view the data and they can just use excel which is pretty much common on all windows PCs these days.


In order to write from the PLC to the SD card to I need to use a data table and then move the information from the data table to the SD card or can I directly write it to the .CSV file. Curious if there is a better way to do it. I would think that using a data table and then moving it to the .CSV would provide a little buffer to troubleshoot, should something go wrong in the process.





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Hi Dan,

Unfortunately, you cannot read a CSV file from the SD card to the PLC.

However, you can change your logging system in the following way:

1. log all your data to data table(s).

2. Periodically export the data table to a UDT file. You can either create a new file or append to an existing file.

3. When needed, you can import the UDT file (or part of it) back to a data table and use the data as you will.


Hope that helps

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