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I am a regular user of unitronics PLC and i have developed many application with the help of unitronics PLC. While using a HSC counter i always feel there is a limitation and if any one can help me in this it would be thankful


1. Unitronics HSC counter with AB phase counting does not have external reset option. so i find problems while doing a increamental encoder application for 360 degree cam function.


2. The HSC also does not support a external or internal Start/Stop option. So it make difficult to pause the counting for a while if necessary for some applications.


3. The HSC also does not support the up/down counting option.


If any body having any good idea to over come these problems, please suggest me.

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Hi Sunit,

I will answer your question in the order they were written:

1. You are correct. There is no "Z" (or index) input for the shaft encoder. However, you can connect the second HSI as a counter and program it as "counter reset".

2. I cannot find much sense in starting/stopping the counting mechanism (please please prove wrong). What you can do is to store the counter values into another operand, and work with the new operand. This way you can manipulate the second operand as you will, while the actual counter is not affected.

3. The solution above also works for this one.


If you have further questions please post them here.

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Hi Uni Guru

As i am using V130-j-TR20 where i get 3 HSI shaft encoder option, if i connect the the z to 2nd counter then i only can connect 2 encoders to the plc or may be only one if i want to use the z ( index) for 2nd encoder also.  

Unfortunately, with this configuration you will only be able to set one rotary encoder with index input. The other encoder will not be able to use its index input.

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