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at the moment i'm programming the Unitronics hmi/oplc USP-070-B10 using an IP connection and this works fine. However, my wireless connection for surfing the internet is no that good and now I prefer to program the OPLC using a usb cable, then i have my cable internet connection back for surfing the internet.

My problem is that i can't find the right driver to communicate between pc and oplc through a usb cable. Or do I need a special programming cable?

Second question: is it the mini usb connection I have to use at the oplc panel?


Any information how to set up the programming using the usb cable is welcome, i can't find it in the manuals i found on the website.


(Using Unilogic Version 1.9 Rev.19 on Windows 8.1)


thank you,

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You should not need any special cable. A standard USB to USB-mini cable is all that is required. Does your PC detect the cable when plugged into the UniStream Panel?


Please try using the following method to connect the UniStream via USB:


Power OFF the PLC > Unplug the cable > Close UniLogic > Open "Task Manager" and force the "Unitronics Notifier" to quit > Open UniLogic > Power ON the PLC > When the PLC finished to boot, plug the cable back in.


If this does not solve your issue please send an email into support@unitronics.com

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the hardware was detected but it could not be installed, there were warnings.

Meanwhile i found a special procedure under Windows 8.1 to reboot the pc for special circumstances that it does not ask anymore for "signed certifications" before to install.


This worked fine and I can program with the usb cable now.



If it may be also some help for other people encountering the same problem, here is the procedure:




Thanks for the support!

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