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Send email function error codes

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I have 11 units emailing me an attached csv file every 15 minutes, one of the units is erroring with a status message of "521". All of the units are operating with O/S 3.1 build 05 and programmed with Visilogic 8.6. Is there a complete listing of the error codes for the email function?

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Hi RickM,

Status 521 means that the path of the file is not found.

This can be caused by wrong folder or wrong file name in Email function - Please verify.

Does the same application run on all units?

We will take care to update the Error list in the help file.

Sorry for the inconvinience.

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Thanks for the prompt reply.

The same application is running on all units. I was able to connect to the mobile unit and it looks like it may be a SD Card problem, I have not received a email since last night and the SD card is now showing not present SB217 off). Will have to chase down the unit.


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