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Numeric box and REAL data

Robin P

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I have two questions regarding REAL data displayed in a Numeric Box:


1) I wish to display a REAL data tag in a Numeric Box on the HMI. I get a warning tag unless I make the box very wide, far wider than is needed to display the number. Can I suppress this warning?


2) The documentation implies I can linearise the data in the box, effectively changing the displayed units. The VisiLogic equivalent numeric box has inbuilt optional linearisation, but I cannot find this in the Unilogic numeric box. There is a Linearize ladder function, but using this is going to add complexity to the ladder, particularly when I want the user to be able to use the box for data entry.




Robin Proctor 

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Hello Robin,


Unfortunately, this message cannot be suppressed.  Due to the way real numbers are bit-calculated, this space must be reserved for the full range of fractional value the tag can handle, and the tag cannot be formatted.  However, you can scale the number to the amount of decimal places, then place that number into an integer; then upon placing the numeric variable on screen, insert a decimal position.  (f.e. if I only want two decimal places, multiply the real by 100, then force the decimal place in the properties of the integer you placed it in)


For linearization, we do not have this feature available in the properties of the numeric boxes for UniLogic; however, we do have the linearization feature built in to the analog inputs and outputs within the hardware configuration.  You just need to tell the configurator your minimum and maximum bit values, and what you would like to linearize the value to (f.e. 4-20mA).  If you need to linearize this value to something else, it would have to be done through ladder.


Let us know if this helps.

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