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HMI 'Back' button

Robin P

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I have a number of HMI screens in my program, which feature a 'Back' button to enable return to a parent screen. The action of this button is 'Last screen', which works fine except:


If I have the PLC system - a Unistream 10" - at one of these screens during program development, and I download a new version of my program to the PLC, the program restarts at the screen previously left off at, but the Back button no longer has any effect. I now have means of returning to the parent screen, other than a system reboot. Could not the download process simply cause a restart at the Home screen?



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Hi Robin,


There are two main download types in Unilogic - with and without reset.

Most users prefer the download without reset option - mainly because it doesn't involve stopping the process when making changes to controller on site.

If you want to go to the main screen after download, either use the "Download and Reset" feature or alternatively create a "Home Page" button for each display.

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