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online mode disconnect


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I've got a problem with the new version of unistream (1-12 build 20), when i tried to see a data table on online mode i'm directly disconnected.

I'm connected in ethernet


Does someone have the same problem?


I also have another problem, when i write a data table in the plc, it doesn't take the data table, i have check in the uniapps.



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Can you describe the scenario that lead to this problem? (I assume that you have downloaded a project, and then made few changes in the structure of the table, and downloaded it again... Can you describe exactly what you did? Can you reproduce the problem?)

Changes to the structure of the table can be changes in the Struct itself that is being used by the table, or change in the number of rows.


Restarting the PLC would most likely solve the problem, but I would like to understand the problem better (So I need to understand the sequence of events that lead to this problem).



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I have made a download all and my table is empty when i check in the uniapps.

I tried to force the upload of the data table with the command write values to plc and it doesn't change, it is always empty.

(it was working with the older version)


My second problem is when i'am in online mode, i can check everything but when i click on the data table i'm disconnected


The program is on a plc for test, i can give you an acces if you want to check something,

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So restarting the PLC does't solve the problem?

If you re-download the project using Download All, does it solve the problem? (try again).

If it doesn't, can you please attach the project (or send it to Support@Unitronics.com and ask them to forward it to me)? I'm hoping that if I take the project, then I will be able to reproduce the problem on my desk 

(And if I will not be able to reproduce it here, then I might need a remote access to PC).



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