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HMI Keyboard Title


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I've got a sreen filled with Numeric Boxes that make up a table to use for parameters.

I noticed that you have "$_title" in the Keyboard Title, and you can set your own title, but is it possible to make this title variable?


The columns are shifted from side to side depending on a variable, and I'd like to add a text that says something like "Column %Column_Number%, Rotation Speed"



If you're wondering how the columns are set up:

4 On-Screen Columns

17 On-Screen Rows


20 Off-screen Columns

17 Off-screen Rows





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No, that's not possible.


The main purpose of the $_title is that it represents the default title of the variable. For example, it numeric, it is Min-Max, so you can change it to:

Please enter a temperature in range $_title


And if you add another language to the project, then you can translate it and write for example:

Se il vous plaît entrer une température dans la gamme $ _title

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